Services & Products

Many years of experience in this field and the use of quality materials makes it possible to produce products in maximum quality.

Different Services

Designs according to the premises

Design and customization of orders according to customer requirements

Production with maximum quality

We produce in the best possible quality and in European standards

Assembly & Assistance

Assembly of products produced inside and outside Albania

Services Provided

  • Automatic Sliding Gates
  • Automatic Wing Gates
  • Automatic Garage Gates
  • Automatic Shutters
  • Automatic Parking Systems
  • Automatic Transmission Lock Piston
  • Automatic Glass Doors
  • Folding Glass
  • Automatic Fencing Glass
  • Balcony Glass
  • Stair Glass Fencing
  • Various Tents
  • Various Tents
  • Various Tents
  • Solar Tents
  • Automatic Pergola
  • Sun Umbrella
  • Gelatin for Bar Caffe
  • Ambient Partition Tents
  • Car Wash Tents
  • Tent for Calceto
  • Window Nets
  • Products

    Sliding Gate Engines

    Automatic system that enables the movement of gates with sliding mechanisms.

    Folding Gate Engines

    Automatic mechanisms that make it possible to open the gates with a folding system.

    Motor for shutters

    Automatic System for Shutters of different models.

    Automatic Pergola Systems

    Different automatic pergola systems for any type of environment.

    Automatic Parking Systems

    Automatic systems that make it possible to block - pass vehicles. Parking, Garages, Residences, etc...

    Various Sun Tents

    Different mechanisms for tents and parasols. Balcony Tents, Car Wash Tents, Parking Tents, Calceto Tents.

    Glass Works

    Surrounding Glass, Automatic Glass, Window, Swimming Pool Partition, Shower Enclosure, Glass Facade.

    Aluminum Works

    Various Works Aluminum. 
    Windows, Railings, Doors, Windows, Insect Protection.